I’m the Partner responsible for the Analytics and eCommerce division at AwesomeMotive, which makes MonsterInsights and ExactMetrics,  the largest and second largest Google Analytics integrations on WordPress respectively, with more than 3.5 million active installs.

We are the largest Google Analytics provider on the planet by number of users, and we also help our users integrate with other Google products including Adwords, Optimize, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and more.

I work daily with all aspects of our company, and personally commit to rotating through all roles within our company including development and support to ensure that our vision of simplicity in analytics is being furthered each and every day.

I work extensively on open source projects that our company uses. In WordPress Core, I’m one of the core bug reporting system maintainers, and having personally interacted with over a fourth of all reported tickets in it’s perpetuity, achieved WordPress Recent Rockstar status on three major releases.

As a member of WordPress’s Core Security Team, I’ve lead several minor releases of WordPress Core, and contributed both security disclosures and fixes that have gone out in automatic updates to hundreds of millions of WordPress installs.

I also work extensively with other teams of WordPress, including the Plugins team to proactively find and remove security-problematic plugins from the WordPress plugin repository, and the Meta team to fix bugs and implement new features on WordPress.org.

I’m extensively involved in the outreach and education of WordPress. As one of the organizing team members of WordCamp Miami (the third largest WordCamp in the world after WordCamp Europe and United States), and a co-organizer of KidsCamp Miami (and others), I help coordinate speakers and conference activities.

As a 14-time (and counting) WordCamp speaker, a co-organizer of multiple WordCamp Meetups (and prolific speaker; having spoken at Meetups and WordCamps throughout the world) and a contributor to WPBeginner (one of our AwesomeMotive projects), the largest education site for WordPress users, I help new WordPress users get acquainted and succeed with WordPress and elevate WordPress developers and teach cutting-edge development languages and techniques.

As the lead, co-lead, or core developer of over 30 WordPress.org repository distributed plugins and hundreds of externally distributed plugins totaling tens of millions of active site installs cumulatively, I’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to WordPress. I’ve been a co-founding developer or key contributor to every major eCommerce plugin for WordPress, including being one of the 7 co-founding developers of what is now WooCommerce, the largest eCommerce platform in the world by number of installs.

I was one of the 70 or so PHP 7.0 contributing developers, and have contributed to multiple PHP releases, particularly on the security front, with work on projects like Libsodium and with related PHP core functionality.

I was able to break into the web development space early, starting with Jigoshop (now WooCommerce) while I was in middle school. From there, I was hired by The School District of Lee County, the 33rd largest school district in the United States, to manage and lead the development work on a variety of grant-based initiatives including the United States Department of Education’s Race To The Top competitive grant, and resolve issues with meshing existing gradebook and attendance software to recently implemented Florida Legislature changes.

From there I attended Florida Gulf Coast University in lieu of high school, achieving the equivalency of an Associates Degree of Mathematics. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida.

I look forward to connecting with you.