A New Home On The Web

In 2019, I took a trip to remote Argentina, far off the beaten path, to the small town of Ushuaia.

The southern most drivable town in the Western Hemisphere, Ushuaia serves as the gateway to Antarctica, but outside of this, has very little interaction with the rest of the world. It’s a place of natural beauty, including a large national park with incredible views of the ocean (seen above).

And yet, in the small cyber cafes in the town, I met several small business owners who were using my products to help put their business online.

As newcomers to the WordPress community, and to online commerce, they had no preconceptions about what a website should or shouldn’t have, and I was happy to spend time with them to help them get their websites made. In the process, I uncovered several openings in the WordPress market for tools needed, many of which have become Awesome Motive products since.

Over the past several years, I’ve used my personal site as a testing ground for new technology stacks, and also to test WordPress Core patches that I was working on.

Starting in June 2022, I plan on beginning to blog more regularly, with a goal of publishing one post per month.

This will enable me to test (even more thoroughly) the use of our Awesome Motive products on a first hand basis.

To start this experiment, I’ve decided to make this website completely from scratch, without the baggage of past testing.

This site’s design is powered by SeedProd, using one of the default templates and one of it’s custom 404 page design options, along with the following Awesome Motive plugins:

and so on.

I look forward to being able to showcase some best practices for our products in the process.

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